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The FUKUDA MSE series is in a class of its own, all-purpose battery. It is ideal for uninterruptible power supply and emergency backup. The batteries can be stored for more than six months and are valve regulated, sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries, with a design life of 10 years and up to 600 cycles. Our lead acid batteries are highly efficient, suitable for air transport and have excellent recovery from discharge.


  • Communication, Switching equipment
  • Electric power equipment operation
  • Instrumentation
  • Disaster prevention or Crime prevention system
  • Electric power plant or Substation
  • Emergency lighting
  • Others

Key Features

  • Excellent maintainability (Electrolyte maintenance is not required)
  • High-rate discharge characteristics
  • Compact design
  • Available in a variety of capacity designing
  • High energy density, space saving design for greatest amount of power in small footprint.
  • New terminal design for ease of maintenance readings.
  • Advanced micro-porous Absorbed Glass Mat separators for ultra-low float current reduce grid corrosion for long, usable service life.
  • Proprietary positive grid alloy to minimize positive grid corrosion and growth in float application and to increase cycling capability – Maximize battery life.
  • Robust polypropylene container and cover enhances product quality and improves strength of materials for safe operation with flammability rating UL94-V0, LOI>28% available upon request
  • Thermally welded case-to-cover bond to eliminate leakage.
  • High efficient, proprietary plate processing for high utilization of active material – results in high energy density and low float current.
  • Advanced formation process results in a narrow float voltage window making on-site float matching unnecessary.
  • Highly controlled manufacturing processes for exceptional and consistent plate quality.
  • Proprietary cell design and manufacturing process provides for 20 years design life in float application and documented long-lasting service life.

HS Code: 8507

Specified Usage

Communications, Emergency Services, Leisure Boats, Power Generators, Ships, Solar, UPS


Lead Acid



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