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Introducing the Furukawa SS200-4V Marine Lead Acid Battery: Unmatched Performance and Precision in Marine Power!

Are you in search of the ultimate marine battery that guarantees dependable power, exceptional durability, and a seamless performance? Look no further, because the Furukawa SS200-4V Marine Lead Acid Battery is your answer. This powerhouse of a battery is engineered to exceed your expectations on the water.

Key Specifications:
– Voltage: 4V
– Capacity: 200Ah (C10)
– Dimensions: Length 270mm x Width 170mm x Height 325mm (Total Height including terminals: 368mm)
– Weight: 29KG (including electrolyte)
– Leak-Free Construction: Designed to maintain its integrity even when tilted at up to 40 degrees in any direction, ensuring your vessel stays clean and safe.

Outstanding Reliability:
Furukawa takes pride in delivering outstanding reliability, and the SS200-4V is no exception. Whether you’re out for a day of fishing, a weekend of leisure, or an extended cruise, this battery will consistently perform at its peak, offering you the peace of mind you deserve on your marine adventures.

Transparent Container for Peace of Mind:
What sets the Furukawa SS200-4V apart is its transparent container that allows you to observe the internal condition of the battery. This innovative feature enables you to monitor the battery’s state and ensures you’re always in control of your power source.

Built-In Hydrometer:
To make your experience even more hassle-free, this battery comes equipped with a built-in hydrometer. This handy tool allows you to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte with ease, ensuring that your battery is in optimal condition.

The Furukawa SS200-4V is not just a marine battery; it’s your marine companion, providing you with consistent, long-lasting power when you need it most. Its robust, leak-free construction, transparent container, and built-in hydrometer all contribute to a seamless and worry-free experience on the water.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence on your marine adventures. Upgrade to the Furukawa SS200-4V Marine Lead Acid Battery and experience the next level of marine power and precision. Make every voyage a confident and enjoyable one with Furukawa. Get your battery today!